Friday, 30 December 2016

photos: Woman Storms Hotel, Catches Husband Cheating With Lover… She Takes Nvde Photo Of Him & Posts On Social Media!

An angry Cameroonian woman has posted her husband’s nvde photo online after she caught him in a hotel with his mistress.


According to Cameroon Intelligence Report, the man who is a CPDM mayor of Douala city has refused to resign after the nvde photo of him circulated on social media.
The local representative had a long and successful session in a hotel with one of his many concubines when his wife stormed the room and took photos of him in the nvde.
Internet users are wondering about the publisher’s interest in releasing on the internet a picture of a man she calls her husband. Many have questioned if is a blackmail that went wrong or an attempt to undermine the image of the deputy mayor?
This phenomenon is increasing in Cameroon despite a new penal code voted into law that prescribes severe punishment on attacks on privacy using the social networks.



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