Sunday, 20 November 2016

video:cheating man pen!s stucked in a woman vag!na

on thursday in kenya it was recorded that a man and a woman was having sex and after sex they try to seperate themselves but it came to their notice that they are stocked together after sometime when they could'nt help themselves they began to screem for help people around the area have to rush to give helping hand, when people reached there they found out that the woman was a maried woman every one was like shock cause they could'nt believe their eye's. according to news          they were saying it was not an ordinary something that the husband of the woman has gone to herbalist to do that to her wife cause he has been suspecting her of cheating.
man pen1s stocked on a woman v!gina is not a new thing so it even has name which they call pen1s captivus.
Pennis captivus is a rare occurrence in intercourse when the muscles in the vag!na clamp down on the pen!s much more firmly than usual (a form of vaginismus), making it impossible for the pennis to withdraw from the vag!na.
after many people gather they decide to find solution to the problem so they took them to a herbalist around the area
   watch the video here


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